Board Members:  Ben Menard, Julianne Furey, Monica Scribner

Guests: Kate Grafel

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the February 6, 2019 Board Meeting were approved as distributed.

Treasurer Report: 

The current balance is 127.66.  The Nebraska Non-Profit Registration fees of approximately $25 are due.


Parks /Commons Maintenance:

No dead trees have been removed in the past month.  This will be a priority topic at the Annual Meeting

Willow Wood Website:

No progress to report at this time.

Fence Line Trimming:

We do not expect any progress on this issue until spring, but we will discuss it at the upcoming annual meeting.

Speeding in Willow Wood:

We do not expect any progress on this issue until spring, but we will discuss it at the upcoming annual meeting.

NWONA Quarterly Meetings:

Kate Grafel will attend the April 10th meeting.

Kiewit Grant:

Julianne has submitted our application to fund the Mr. & Mrs. Claus project.  We will be informed of Kiewit’a decision sometime in early April.


Did You Know:

The March 19th Annual Meeting Date, and Volunteer Opportunities in 2019, and the Spring Clean Up Project on May 4th were offered as topics for the next “Did You Know” postings on Nextdoor.

Spring Cleanup 2019:

We have been assigned Saturday May 4th for the Annual Spring Clean Up Project.  Ben has arranged most of the details already.  All we need now are volunteers.

Mayors Grants:

  1. We will submit a National Night Out application for rental of tables, chairs and a grill. Ben will handle the details.
  2. We will submit an application for landscaping improvements.  We considered erecting a gazebo, but determined      we did not have enough time to prepare a successful grant application by the March 25th deadline.

2019 Annual Meeting:

The Annual Meeting will take place at 7:00 PM on Tuesday March 19th at St Michael’s Church.  Councilperson Aimee Melton and OPD Crime Specialist Lauren Geneir will appear as speakers.  Ben will place signs at the three neighborhood entrances, Ben will obtain water, ice and a cooler, Ben will apply for Square and PayPal accounts to facilitate donations, Monica will bake cookies, Julianne will place an announcement on Nextdoor, Julianne will prepare agendas and volunteer sign up sheets.


Wednesday, April 3rd,  6:00 PM – Linden Place HyVee Restaurant